Friday, 22 January 2016

Splurge At The Drugstore

So let me picture this in your mind... it was a cold January evening, after a day of work and I don't know how it happened but I suddenly ended up on '' and then it all started to fail, I was adding everything I wanted/liked/needed into my basket, and then I forgot about it for about 3 days. Then later on that week, I received a package which contained all my goodies...

A lot of the products I got were because I was running or had ran out of and I just needed to repurchase them. However, there are some products which I just really wanted to try, either because I had heard some good reviews on or I was just curious (like George).

Above are just all the boring purchases that I got for me and my boyfriend. There are some Una Brennan purchases there, I have never tried anything from her before, I will report back. As well as my trusty Garnier Micellar water I just love this stuff, its really good as a first cleanse or just for getting your eye makeup off, so gentle on the skin. I picked up some shower gel too, MARSHMALLOW flavour *big grin on my face*. 

Solar Powder from Soap and Glory is just my all time favourite bronzer, I've gone on about it enough really, I won't bore you anymore. But my old one there just wasn't any left, so a new one makes me very excited.

Now for something very exciting, Sleek palettes! I don't really try much from Sleek as they aren't available in my local Boots, so I can only order online. But I don't think I've ever tried anything bad, and these face palettes are no exception. I've picked up a highlighting palette and then a face contour palette, all the shades from both palettes are just so pigmented, it's amazing!

Something else new are these NYX cream lipsticks. I got the shades Cannes and Ibiza, I love how they are named after places. However, I'm not completely convinced by these liquid lipsticks, they don't seem to stay on too long, but I haven't really tested them out as my order only arrived yesterday!

I've wanted to try this concealer from Seventeen for a while, I've heard some good things about this concealer, it's supposed to be quite heavy duty and creamy. So I'm up for anything that can over up my dark under eye circles. 

This is the Rimmel clear brow gel, there are different colours of this product but I have had the blonde on before, so I just fancied a change and went for the clear one. I do really like this product, and it's really affordable!

Natural collection is a brand that I don't really venture out to at all really, but I do think the products are amazing for £1.99, everything is £1.99. I wouldn't really wear the foundations, but I do have to admit I did own some when I was in high school. This eyeshadow I got because I just wanted a whole lid colour that was very neutral, and it does the job nicely. 

Lastly something that isn't really affordable at all, but this whole set was on offer for £25, which I think is really good for Origins. I have never used anything from the brand either, so I thought a set like this would be perfect so I could try a few of the products without spending too much. 

Thank you so much for reading, theres a few products which I haven't gone into too much detail about, which you can see in the above pictures. 

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