Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Blonde to brown to blonde

Over the past few months I have been experimenting with my hair. My natural colour of hair is a mousy/browny shade, which goes blonder in the summer months. Also I have always had highlights in my hair, which made my hair completely blonde over time..

((There's gunna be a lot of selfies in this post - BUT who doesn't love a selfie??)) 

As you can see from the picture to the left, my hair was completely blonde. And I did love that, and still do. However I have been blonde for what, like 18 years?? Basically my whole life. So I thought, time for a change. Yano the score, when it becomes a new year, you think new me, changed me all that shizzz. Well I was on that train of thought, and in March I dyed my hair brown.

So here I am as a brunette. Just to point out - I dyed my hair myself (with my mothers help of course) so they were box dyes. L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss, shade - 613 Iced Mocha. It wasn't permanent, it was a semi. purely because I wasn't sure what it would turn out like, it could of turned green for all I knew!

But it started to fade quite a lot! So basically I was sure I wanted to be a brunette, so I dyed it again..

After dying it a second time (with the same shade) I believe it was a lot darker than the first time. You could tell a lot more in person. However I was getting a lot of comments on my hair, and most people said they preferred my hair lighter. I think I did as well, I know now that I am always going to be a blonde at heart. So.. have a guess what I did???


((this image on the right looks gingerish - I promise it wasn't, it's just the lighting and camera)) 

Yes, I went blonde again.. Although I didn't want to go as blonde as last time, because the bleach did ruin my hair. Especially with all this hair dying in the past few months, I didn't want to damage my hair too much! So I got a highlighting kit, and highlighted my hair. 

I am now so happy with my hair, I prefer this colour so much more than the blonde and the brown before. I think it is so much more natural and my hair is in such a better condition! 

I am of course still trying to get my hair to a really really good condition, any product recommendations you think I should try or want me to review?? Please leave them in the comments section below :) 
Also, apologies again for all these selfies, haha. 

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