Wednesday, 15 June 2016

MAC Lipstick Collection & Swatches

This has been a post I've wanted to write for ages, just because I love MAC, their lipsticks are amazing, theres literally ever colour you could think of, the formulas are lovely, they are all pretty moisturising even the matte finishes.

However, when I was younger and I wanted to try some MAC lipsticks, I didn't know where to start because of all the reasons I just mentioned (too much choice)! So I used to read and watch videos on all the colours, finishes and I was just generally nosy because I wanted to see what colours people had. To be honest I still do love reading and watching people ramble on about their MAC lipsticks.

To a lot of you this might be so many lipsticks, and you will be like "how has she spent all that money on them!?" but to the other half of you, you probably are thinking thats not many... I do currently have 11 lipsticks. Which to me, doesn't seem too many.

My favourite finishes are the matte finishes and the amplified ones. I find the colour pay off amazing, the formula lasts a long time and they aren't drying on the lips. So lets get on with this, and get straight into the matte finishes.

Honey Love - This is a gorgeous nude shade, its got quite a peachy undertone. I just think this one suits my skin tone nicely, and is just a lovely formula (like I've said a million times).

Mehr - I got this shade when I was on holiday, so it reminds me of the holiday. Even though I would say its more of a winter shade. But its such a lovely colour for everyday, Mehr is probably my favourite MAC shade. It's pinky, berry and gorgeous.

Whirl - This is a very recent purchase from my boyfriend. I have only worn it once, but I know it will defiantly be a firm favourite of mine. It's a very browny nude, and I absolutely love that vibe at the moment. I really like this colour!

Ruby Woo - This one is a classic MAC shade, a lot of people have it, however I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on this one. Personally its lovely, a very true bright red. I always reach for it, when I'm going out or for a meal and I need my lipstick to stay on. A few people say it is drying on the lips, and I do agree a little bit, because its probably the most drying lipstick formula, because it's a retro matte, which means its more matte than matte.... hmm, yeah you still with me? haha. I think you would love this one if you do like matte lipsticks.

Now onto the amplified formulas, like I said earlier this is my other favourite formula because the colour pigmentation is amazing and they are moisturising.

Impassioned - A very bright, pink with a coral undertone, thats the best way for me to describe it. I actually got this as a present for Christmas off my parents click here to see the blogpost. But I think I will love this shade in the summer and get a lot of wear out of it.

Up the Amp - One of my more daring lipsticks, it's a purple. I got this when it was cool to have purple lips, but I found that they really don't suit me. I got this one with another purple colour at the time, wait until you see that one... But I wouldn't  really recommend this one, because I'm just not a fan, I don't get much use out of it at all.

Violetta - This was the lipstick I was talking about. I really don't like this one, I never wear it. Its just a purple thats quite bright and scary. I would only wear this if I needed it for halloween or something. I think its got a lovely finish thought, its got a shinny shimmery finish, like its got glitter in it.

Blankety - OOO, I love this one. It's very similar to honey love, but its very creamy and not matte. I really like this one when I wear it, it's a very true nude shade. I get quite a lot of comments asking what lipstick it is, when I wear this one too.

Cremesheen finishes, I'm not really a fan of, I just find they don't stay on my lips very well, even though I do only have two colours in this finish. I think that shows you that I don't like them much.

Speed dial - Officially my first ever MAC lipstick purchase, I do really like the colour and thats why I got it. I remember seeing it in MAC when I was with my boyfriend, then I was like 'no I'm not getting it' then went back in, then said no, then finally went back it and finally got it, haha. But its a really nice pink shade, I probably should wear it a bit more.

Peach Blossom - I love this shade, my friend has been going on and on about it for months. So I finally picked it up. It's amazing for every day, goes with every eye look and just is stunning. As the name would suggest it's a peachy/coral shade, with a slight sparkle.

I've got one lustre finish, I do quite like lustres because they are quite sheer, but they just make your lips look fuller and plump.

Patisserie - I absolutely love this lipstick, its my most worn colour. I just think its gorgeous for every day. Its nude with a little bit of pink and I think it suits me really well. LOVE IT.

I hope this was helpful for you, please don't think I'm bragging, I'm not. I just wanted to create a post with my collection.

What's your favourite MAC shade?

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