Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lush Haul

Lush is a shop which I haven't got near me, so I either travel about an hour to get to a store, or do an online order. But I really don't like ordering from Lush, because of the delivery charges... please someone tell me if there is a limit to spend to get free delivery?! Cause I can't seem to find it, and they charged me last time. Anywhoo, stop rambling... I basically got some bits from Lush, enjoy my beauts!

The Comforter - Bubble Bar

I personally love this one, its pink and white and just reminds me of Ribenna. Whilst running the bath, just crumble some of this under the water and it creates amazing bubbles! (This one is amazing with the experimenter bath bomb).

Butterball - Bath Bomb

This one leaves your skin so soft, and is just amazing for an everyday bath. It also makes me so relaxed, not sure why but I love this one. I love all of them, but yano what I mean. It's also the typical Lush smell to me, if I think of Lush I basically smell Butterball. I did actually pick up two of this one, because I get through it so fast!

The Experimenter - Bath Bomb

This is the one which I love in combination with the comforter. Its got so many colours in, so in the bath... I will let you imagine, but all I can say is it's amazing. I don't particularly love the smell of this one, but I do love the colours.

Shoot for the stars - Bath Bomb

I got this one a while ago, and just haven't used it. But it looks so pretty, its got a shooting star going through it  and I just think it looks so magical. I'm not sure if this one is in the permanent range or not (sorry if its not).

Dreamtime - Bath Oil

This one is purple with a 'Z' on it, however mine has broken :(. This one makes my skin feel so soft and left my skin with a slight shimmer. Its got camomile inside, so it makes you very relaxed, you will have a deep sleep with this one!

Intergalactic - Bath Bomb

One of my absolute favourites, it looks amazing, smells amazing and I just love this one. I would recommend this one over any of the ones I have spoken about. I do love them all, but this is my favourite. When its dropped into the bath, the colours that come out are amazing.

Snow Fairy - Shower Gel

I got this one a while ago, because its part of the Christmas collection, so sorry for teasing you. But its just a must from lush, if you love sweet smells then you will fall in love with this. I do think the shower gels over all though are quite expensive, but they are gorgeous.

Herbalism Face & Body Wash

I love this stuff, it looks so scary when you open it because its a dark green and you do look like the Hulk when you apply it. But it does wonders to your skin, its great if you suffer with blemishes and you need a deep clean into your pores.

As you can see, I spent quite a lot and got quite a few things! But I do love Lush as a brand, and I do think there products are amazing. It's safe to say I have my baths covered for a while...

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