Monday, 6 July 2015

I stumbled into The Body Shop..

On the 5th of July, me and my family went shopping for my birthday. It was a lovely day, and I had so much fun! Whilst we were shopping, I stumbled into The Body Shop. I absolutely love The Body Shop, I love their products, and I love the back ground of the brand 'The Body Shop' they are against animal testing and have a fair trade community spirit. 

I didn't pick up millions of items, just a few things I have been eyeing up in there for a while! Also, I own one of The Body shop loyalty cards, therefore for my birthday I got £5 off my total.. which is fab! I would recommend getting one of those cards, they are so so so good! Side note - I haven't tried any of these products, however if I like them I will share them with you through other blog posts.

Virgin Mojito - Body Scrub 

The 'Virgin Mojito' is a new range in The Body Shop, in the range there is: shower gel, body butter, body sorbet, body splash, the body scrub which I got and then various different collections and gift sets with all the above products mentioned. The reason behind me choosing the body scrub was because recently I have been loving exfoliating my body and have really been into scrubs. My soap and glory sugar crush is slowly running out, so I was in need of a new one. Also, I find myself using body scrubs so much more in the hotter months, because I want my skin to be smooth and silky for when I have my legs out or I'm in a bikini. It's common sense really, you do tend to get more flesh out in the summer, therefore I would like my skin to smell and look great! I can't tell you how many times I've popped into The Body Shop just to smell the scent of this range, I love it!! It's such a summer, fresh, limey/minty scent. If you haven't smelt it, go in a store and just have a sniff. The scrub is also a lovely bright green shade, and has little beads in the jelly like formula of the scrub.
RRP: £15.00 (Body Scrub) 
The Body Shop 'Virgin Mojito' range -

Tea Tree - Squeaky-Clean Scrub

"Another scrub?" I hear you say? haha, yes however this time its for your face. I have used the 'Tea Tree' range before, (the face wash & toner). I loved them, so I thought I would give this scrub a whirl. I have never seen it before though, so I'm thinking its new.. but I could be totally wrong?! Let me know. I'm really excited to try this, the Tea Tree range is for people with blemish prone skin. When I had my big breakout in June, that's the time I would need something like this. So this time I'm prepared, so breakout.. COME AT ME! Haha. 
RRP: £6.50

Camomile - Silky Cleansing Oil 

The reason behind the purchase of this one, is the fact I've heard so many good reviews from this product. It's for all skin types, and I'm guessing you just use it as a makeup remover, so apply to dry skin, then use water to foam and rinse away. Very excited to use this one.. I haven't got any makeup on currently, as I'm chilling and writing this post. But I'm tempted to apply some makeup, just to see how this one works. A great aspect of this product, is the fact it has a pump, so you can decide how many pumps you use, so you don't use too much of the product, too quickly. Very excited. Will report back if I love it. 
RRP: £10.00

Vitamin E - Sink-In Moisture Mask & Seaweed - Iconic Clay Mask 

I picked up two different face masks, I love The Body Shop face masks, one of my favourite face masks of all time is the 'Honey & Oat' face mask from The Body Shop. The reason I picked these little sachet face mask is because I believe it's a good way of testing out a face mask to see if it suits your skin and just to see if you like it. Rather than paying £10+ for a face mask that you might hate! So I just want to see if I basically like both the face masks I have chosen. I have a feeling I may of tried the seaweed face mask before (not 100%) - hense I got it again. 
RRP: £1.00 each 

That's all I picked up from The Body Shop, see I told you I didn't get too much. As I said before I haven't tried these products yet, and all the products mentioned were brought with my own money. Thank you so much for reading! Speak to you next time. 

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